London Olympics (2012)

The London Olympics from July 27th to August 12th, 2012. This time, we constructed the broadcasting system of Japan Consortium (abbreviation: JC) and ASBU in IBC. The IBC at the London Olympics used a building in the Olympic Park and was within walking distance of the main stadium.

The scale of the Summer Olympics is larger than that of the winter, and we started preparations about 10 months ago.

Starting with the revision of the system diagram, we completed the preparations in Japan such as designing the rack layout, incorporating the board into the equipment, checking the operation of the equipment, manufacturing the necessary cables, etc., and shipped it to the site in April. ..

I entered London in June, when the Olympics are still less exciting. At the Olympic Park where IBC is located, construction was still underway even though it was about a month and a half before the event. Although I was confused by the environment that changes every day, I aimed to complete the system as soon as possible.

It took about one month to build the system, and it was completed while reflecting local changes and requests in the system. After the system was completed, it was checked whether the system diagram was followed, including whether the device settings and cable insertion were different.

We handed over the system after making small changes and adjustments until the game was about to be held.

After handing over the system to JC, I stayed as a support, such as responding to changes and corrections that occurred during the operation of the game.