Custom Product


MCS-001 GPI control panel

It can be used for any device controlled by GPI. When the button is pressed, a pulse signal is sent and it lights up. The photo shows FOR-A's "FA-9500" with 3 types of aspect ratio switching controlled by 4 units in 1U size.

Photo and specifications / Standard price ¥ 240,000


MSD-002 Status Display

It is a display that allows you to see the VTR status at a glance even from a distance. The photo is for GF CAM of Ikegami Tsushinki Co., Ltd. A color LED is used for the display, and the colors are the same as the VTR buttons such as "REC", "PLAY", and "STOP". It is a 1U half size and has a storage space for tape and memory next to it.

Photo and specifications / Standard price ¥ 90,000


MCS-002 Servo system

The signal between the adapter lens and zoom & focus demand is digitized and transmitted serially. By digitizing, it is not affected by external noise and enables stable operation. We also have an option to make the serial transmission part wireless.

Photo and specifications / Standard price ¥ 228,000

[Delivery record] NHK


MCS-003 TC impedance converter

Converts the time code signal used by the XLR connector to the BNC connector. At that time, the impedance is matched. 16 systems in 2U size. Customization with a 10dB attenuator is also possible.

Photo and specifications / Standard price ¥ 168,000


MCS-004 Coordination controller

It is a system that interrupts the microphone sound to the selected system. Only when the button is pressed and audio is input to the microphone, the audio level of the specified system is lowered by -40dB and mixed. The control panel (1U size) has two microphone inputs and an interrupt destination selection button, and the main unit (2U size) has an AUX input and an interrupt destination button. The audio level of the microphone input and AUX input can be adjusted.

Photo and specifications / Standard price ¥ 600,000


For MCS-005 "DL-1000"

Rack mount bracket

It is a rack mount kit that can be attached to IBEX Co., Ltd.'s SDI / ASI (MPEG2 decoding compatible) image / audio confirmation & simple checker " DL-1000". 2U size can store 2 units. Since the monitor storage part has been dropped, it will be flat with the front of the rack. The AC adapter has a space at the rear so that it can be fixed. In the photo, it is for 2 units, but there is also one.

Photo and specifications / Standard price ¥ 80,000


Rack mount bracket for MCS-006 GF PACK drive

It is a mount kit processed to put the GFPAK drive of Ikegami Tsushinki Co., Ltd. in a 5-inch drive case ( RS-EC5EU ) and install it in a rack. I made a hole in the shelf board and dropped the foot part of the drive case so that it could be fixed to the mount kit. There is a space next to the drive for storing GFPAK.

Photo and specifications / Standard price ¥ 45,000


MCS-007 / MCS-008 Viewfinder Extender

A set that allows the viewfinder of the camera to be extended. It can be extended up to 80m with a single BNC cable. Not only video but also R / G tally signals can be transmitted. Ideal for crane cameras, etc. The photo is for the camera (SONY HDC-950) and viewfinder (HDVF-C750W).

Photo and specifications / Standard price ¥ 480,000

[Delivery record]

Japan Broadcasting Corporation (Relay Department, Broadcasting Technology Center)


MCS-009 Outdoor equipment storage rack

An outdoor heat countermeasure rack manufactured with the minimum required size. With light-shielding plates on the top, both sides, and front and rear doors to prevent the internal temperature from rising due to direct sunlight. A temperature sensor is installed inside, and a fan is operated when necessary to diffuse heat. A cable outlet is provided on the bottom with waterproof measures. The type in the photo is 11U and 600mm in height.

Photo and specifications / Standard price ¥ 650,000

[Delivery record] Washington branch office

ARC control panel for MCS-010 HDCAM

It is a device that sends a control signal and switches between three types of aspect ratios. A button that lights up a colored LED is used, making it easy to visually understand the selected size even from a distance. The photo is a 1U half size and can be docked with existing half size equipment.

Photo and specifications / Standard price ¥ 198,000

[Delivery record] Japan Broadcasting Corporation, General Bureau of America


MCS-011 Field monitor stand

A monitor stand that can be equipped with a converter (SDI to HDMI or AJA Hi5). The monitor can be mounted with VESA standard 100mmx100mm, and the stand has adjustable angle and length, and is compatible with 13 inches to 21 inches. It has a built-in 2-port AC outlet.

Photo and specifications / Standard price ¥ 65,000
(Converter not included)


MCS-012 / MCS-013 Remote USB switch

It is a 1U half-size switcher that can share USB devices with up to 4 PCs. By preparing a remote panel, it is possible to switch from a distance of 70m. The button uses a color LED that is visually easy to understand even from a distance. There is also a connection status list panel (MCS-014) that allows you to see the switching status when using multiple devices.

Photo and specifications / Standard price ¥ 480,000 (1 set)

With lock function ¥ 580,000 (1 set)


MCS-015 2chSP UNIT

1U half size 2ch audio monitor unit. It has an LED VU bar meter. Input switching (XLR / RCA) and input level / input impedance switching (XLR) are possible on the back. SP units can be connected to each other and 1U rack mounts can be mounted with optional metal fittings.

Photo and specifications / Standard price ¥ 150,000


MCS-018Ⅲ High-brightness wireless monitor

A 2.4GHz band wireless receiver is incorporated into a 15-inch LCD monitor that uses a high-brightness 1600cd / m2 panel. You can watch clear images (Analog Video) cordlessly even in bright places such as outdoors. The back of the monitor has VGA / DVI / S-Video / Component / Analog Video inputs. The power supply operates with an AC100V / DC12V / V mount type battery.



MCS-019 Telephone REC amplifier

This is a 1U half-size telephone voice recording amplifier unit. By connecting this device to a telephone line, recording can be performed with an externally connected recording device. You can select only the conversation or the voice of the other party. The recording level on our side and the other side can be adjusted independently.

Photos and specifications


MCS-020 4 Channel Audio Selector

1U half-size 4-system audio (monaural) switching unit. The audio selected from 1 to 4 can be output. The input impedance can be switched between hi and 600Ω with an internal switch.