NHK Washington Bureau (2016)

In 2016, the equipment renewal work of the NHK Washington branch office in the United States was completed.

Continuing from last year's General Administration of the United States (New York), the line room and studio sub have been completely renewed this time as well.

Washington DC is the capital of the United States and is also the driving force behind world politics. When news or incidents occur day or night, the broadcast will be delivered to Japan in real time by live broadcasting from the bureau studio or the site.

In addition to news, the branch office also produces planned items and receives images from affiliated TV stations and adds them to the library.

I replaced the production console and installed two large monitors. This large monitor has a multi-screen switcher and images sent back from Japan. The overall black tone gives a refreshing and calm impression.

On the rack side, the routing switcher is replaced to increase the input and output, and various images can be selected by the color LCD control panel. The clock uses GPS satellites as the time source and operates an NTP server to distribute the time to PCs.

EDIT ROOM and Office also have a 16-screen monitor that displays the video signal name.

It is now possible to monitor many signals at once.