NHK General Administration of America (2011)

In February 2011, the "Material Recording System" and "Watch" were updated and the "Digital Routing Switcher System Controller Duplication" was installed at the Japan Broadcasting Corporation's General Bureau of America (New York).

Material recording system update

The recording medium has changed from tape to flash memory, making it possible to record and play back at the same time.

The input / output of the recording is taken into the multi-viewer and can be monitored on the large LCD monitor installed.

The aspect ratio conversion panel and the status display of the recording system have been designed and manufactured for ease of operation.

See the custom page for details.

Watch update

We have introduced a device that receives multiple GPS radio waves and acquires time information. The front panel displays the total date and hours, minutes, and seconds of the year, and operates as the time code for the entire system. Equipped with an NTP server function, it is also used as a time scheduler for recording systems via the network.

Installation of system controller duplication of digital routing switcher

Many control systems are connected to the digital routing switcher, and the source is selected day and night. Until now, there were no problems with single operation and there were no problems, but duplication was introduced to ensure completeness.