Vancouver Olympic (2010)

Winter Olympics from February 12th to 28th, 2010

" Vancouver 2010 " .
We arrived in Canada in mid-December
and constructed the broadcasting system of Japan Consortium (abbreviation: JC) in IBC.

The International Broadcast Center

MPC (Main Press Center) was set up in Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Center and Canada Place.

At the beginning of the work, there is nothing in the state.

While comparing the space with the materials, we proceeded with the work of bringing in equipment, assembling and installing racks, processing the power supply system, mounting equipment, laying cables, etc., and built the broadcasting system.

In the latter half of the system construction, we performed line checks, system settings, data measurements, etc., and responded to opinions and changes from the operating staff at any time.
After delivery, we supported until the end of the Olympic game.